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  1. Kobe

    Relaunch of Oasis 12th December 2020

    Hello Knights! We all love KO, and it's time for us to do something regarding our server. We'll be reopening OASIS on 12.12.2020 at 20:00 GMT +1. What is new? 1) Login and performance issues for certain group of players will be solved. 2) All the events will work as intended 3) Client will be...
  2. Kobe

    Stuck on select server screen

    That's correct, if 'connect' doens't work you should use the ENTER button
  3. Kobe

    Heyo Knights - BorderKO is here.

    No creo que eso sea cierto. He estado respondiendo los comentarios todo el tiempo y, aunque no puedo hablar español o turco, estaba usando el traductor de Google para ayudarte. Tal vez olvidé responder algunos mensajes en español o turco porque no entendía, pero había soporte en español - Sung y...
  4. Kobe

    Heyo Knights - BorderKO is here.

    Heyo knights. I've been thinking how to proceed further with the server and I'm looking for some feedback on that. Our last server Oasis was active for only 3 weeks before losing majority of the players and quite frankly it's not something that we want or that it makes things easier for us. Our...
  5. Kobe


    Drop rate on DK,LAMIA,LAMIROS,GOLEM,HARPY,TROLLS,DMS Slightly increased. Drop rate on isiloon updated Drop rate on chaos monsters updated IN,IB,CS,GB added to the game Exping to 65 easier. BDW Reward updated. Kingdom election started Collection Race kills updated and rewards increased. Level cap...
  6. Kobe

    Patch 1005

    Added to update Genie performance improved and it's attacking faster now.
  7. Kobe

    Skill Quests 60,62,70,72

    Master Quest is about to be released.
  8. Kobe

    Patch 1005

    BorderSOFT Update Issues with DC'ing have been solved. Issues with Crashes have been solved. Issues with login problems have been solved. Protectiong against cheaters increased. Performance updated. Other Updates Archer 60 skill damage has been balanced. Priest Group Heal skills range has...
  9. Kobe

    Unable to play

    A new update is currently going into testings. For now you can take patch
  10. Kobe

    Schedule of Updates, Events & Progression

    Dear Knights, We've prepared some nice updates & entertaining schedule. Tuesday 29.09.2020 at 21:00 EU Cursed Santa Event [Call your friends and new players to take advantage of it before the level cap inreases] Wednesday 30.09.2020 at 21:00 EU 1) Master will be unlocked. 2) Level 68 cap...
  11. Kobe


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  12. Kobe

    upgrade english

    Topic closed due to spam.
  13. Kobe

    When do you want Master to open?

    Master Quest could be activated together with level 68 cap.
  14. Kobe


    The percents that are showing %, are just client patch. They don't make the rates, it's just visual to show players. If you don't see the % on your anvil, it has nothing to do with the anvil upgrade. You are just missing one visual patch and have to redownload the client.
  15. Kobe

    When do you want Master to open?

    That is good idea @KJHERON but Monster Stone is only for Old Uniques. We were planning to add it to some Colony Zone monsters but not in beginning :) Could be added soon
  16. Kobe

    When do you want Master to open?

    It's possible to first increase just level cap to 68 and release master together with 70 cap at Sunday. Isternesiz ilk olarak seviye sınırını 68 yapıp daha sonra da pazar günü masteri açıp aynı zamanda seviye sınırını 70 yapabiliriz. Önerilerinizi bekliyoruz.
  17. Kobe

    When do you want Master to open?

    When do you want master to be unlocked? Cuando quieres que se desbloquee el Master?
  18. Kobe

    Facebook Event

    Send message on facebook inbox to claim prize Aquiles Cacho Parado Timur Öncü Emanuel Suarez Dias Hümoş Genç Furkan...
  19. Kobe

    YouTube Event

    PM Kobe in game for reward. Ozymandias - Attila Sevgi Xenpow - Cemal Akdeniz WARWICK - Anil Aysal Toni - Nicolas Redkobordiy BrokenDreamS - Nazim Odabas BebeScripts - Rosa Luz Salguere Herrera AreYouScared - Mahmoud Mohamed SSD - Gorkem Koc Epimendies - Zumbara Cikita FeliscHa - Murat B...
  20. Kobe

    Coloy Zone - Drop test on coin monsters.

    Sometimes you will get more drops, sometimes less drops. It depends on your luck. 100x Death Knights 100x Blood Seeker 100x Beast 100x Cardinal 100x Baron 100x Hobgoblin 100x Treant 100x Ancient